Glory City Hotels

Luxuriously classical * thoughtfully attentive

 “Glory City Hotel” is a, “luxuriously classical, premier choice” international tourist hotel, located in a premier neighborhood in the city; with plush designed guest suites, haute cuisine meal service, state of the art meeting facilities, and all of the latest recreational necessities. Whether you are on a business trip, personal vacation, hosting a banquet, international conference or major event, “Glory City Hotel” will provide you with that personalized detailed service with a full complement of modern technological conveniences, creating a magnificent nouveau urban resort experience.

Park City Hotels

Casual comfort * relaxing convenience

“Park City Hotel” is designed according to the principles of delivering, “casual comfort, modern grace”, for domestic and international business persons and resort tourism guests. Providing refreshing, comfortable Regency Suites, with convenient quality cuisine and caring professionalism in cutting edge service. “Park City Hotel” synergizes nature, comfort, vivaciousness, and convenience, in a totally yours, total hospitality choice that delivers exceptional value for our guests.


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