A Word from Our Chairman

Creating a New Marketing Brand, for a Unique Dreamland Hospitality Empire

It was 17 years ago in a most serendipitous opportunity that the hospitality industry came to my attention. As my curiosity increased and my knowledge grew from unfamiliarity to progressive maturity, it yielded a profound love for this field which had never even entered into my consideration before that day. So personally, this has been a very exhilarating process over the course of my career development.

Having previously managed leading American international hospitality branded hotels, Taiwan's leading established chain hotels, as well as hotels in Beijing, Kunshan and Xiamen, China; the time seems propitious to undertake and achieve an unique dreamland hospitality empire. It is thus that “Global Hospitality Group Inc.,” has been born. In terms of my personal development, this represents yet another new phase in my life which I hope will bring outstanding experience and remarkable accomplishments for everyone involved.

The consummate management team of Global Hospitality Group Inc., includes experienced management professionals, with warm hearted devotion to hospitality. This staff all possesses the requisite training, experience, and commitment to quality that is sure to please all the time, every time. Their commitment to excellence is also seen with their vast reservoirs of creativity and a dedication to a global vision. This outstanding synergistic dream team has come together ready to deploy their formidable skills.

Currently the Global Hospitality Group Inc. includes operations of the DoubleTree by Hilton Torrance-South Bay, USA.. We are preparing to launch two new hospitality brands for the Chinese speaking world: “Glory City Hotels” and “Park City Hotels”, which will focus on providing unforgettable hospitality experiences for every guest. Our ultimate mission will be to become the pride of the Chinese world, and this marks the start of our challenging and rewarding journey in our hospitality experience as the most prized moment for advancing Taiwan's hospitality capabilities. So please join us in anticipation.


Global Hospitality Group Inc.  

The Global Hospitality Group Inc. Advantage

  • The Global Hospitality Group operations emphasize hotel marketing and management, hospitality project development planning, brand franchise services, and hotel business promotion.
  • Global Hospitality Group focuses their operations on maximizing profitability through deployment of streamlined hospitality ERP systems, revenue and expense controls, and the development of a proprietary customer loyalty retention CRM plan to encourage frequent repeat visitor business.
  • In light of the truly unlimited growth potential for the hospitality and tourism industries in the future, the new presence of the Global Hospitality Group Inc. is expected to reveal our potential to transform into the premier Asian hotel group.
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